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Step 1: Sedation

You will be prescribed medication for your comfort during the procedure. Our plastic surgeons and anesthesiologists will decide on the best choice given your physical health and cosmetic goals.

Step 2: Small Incision

A traditional facelift incision begins above the ear and continues in front of the ear extending posteriorly and into the lower scalp behind the ears.  The ION LIFT utilizes three 1/4" incisions - one below the chin and the others on each side behind the angle of the jaw.  They are virtually invisible down the road.

Step 3: ION Lift

The combination of safe radiofrequency energy and plasma-generated helium ions, applied beneath the skin of the face and neck, create a shrink-wrap effect to provide contouring and tightening of the skin and create a natural, longlasting facelift and/or neck lift.  

Step 4: The Results

Once the mild swelling and bruising subside, the visible improvements of a facelift will appear. Your final results will give your face a more youthful and rested appearance.

You may be good candidate for an ION LIFT if you wish to appear younger without altering your facial features and without surgery. ION LIFT candidates want rejuvenation of their face and/or neck with similar results of a surgical lift but without the downtime or invasive procedure. ION LIFT candidates must be in generally good health and have realistic expectations.

An ION LIFT takes approximately 1-1.5 hours. 

We have several options available to patients and can discuss the level of sedation that is safe and appropriate for your situation. 

After the procedure, a bandage will be applied to the face and head. Some discomfort and bruising can be expected but can be relieved with medications. The stitches are dissolving and do not need to be removed. JW Plastic Surgery will provide you with specific aftercare instructions.

There are several procedures that are often done the same time as an ION LIFT. Some patients choose eyelid surgery or brow lift at the same time as the Ion Lift. 

A surgical facelift or mini facelift are surgical procedures that are alternatives to an ION LIFT. Facial injectables and fillers can be an alternative treatment to a facelift as well. However, these results are only temporary and will not give the same results as an ION LIFT, especially for severe sagging, and they often cost more. 

The procedure will take place in an accredited facility where you will be monitored before, during and after the procedure. 

Yes. Results from an ION LIFT are not temporary like fillers or other non-surgical treatments; however, no procedure will stop the natural aging process.


The non-surgical ION LIFT tightens, resurfaces and rejuvenates the skin using safe radiofrequency energy and plasma-generated ions to produce a natural, long-lasting facelift and neck lift without surgery.  The affects of aging and the environment can make your face appear tired and older than you feel. Sagging skin and hollowing of the face can make you look older and unhappy. A facelift can turn back the clock and make you look like a younger, more rested you. Tightening excess skin and facial re-contouring reverses the signs of aging.



The ION LIFT is a non-surgical facelift that was pioneered by Dr. Jeffrey Weinzweig, the lead craniofacial surgeon at JW Plastic Surgery, for patients who desire facelift-like results without the downtime or surgical intervention.  At JW Plastic Surgery we are advancing the field while enhancing your results. 



Patients often ask what the difference is between an ION LIFT and traditional facelift or neck lift. An ION LIFT is for someone with mild to moderate aging concerns who does not want to pursue a surgical facelift. They prefer minimal downtime and a less invasive procedure that focuses on tightening and rejuvenating. 

A traditional facelift is for someone with more advanced signs of aging. Excess skin is removed giving the patient a more youthful appearance. The incisions are substantially larger for a traditional facelift or neck lift than the ION LIFT and may include an incision under the chin to address vertical banding of the neck. A neck lift is often combined with a facelift. This cosmetic procedure improves signs of aging around the jawline and neck. Removing excess skin from the jawline can give you a more defined look.  In properly selected patients, the ION LIFT can accomplish all of these rejuvenating effects without the downtime or incisions of the traditional facelift or neck lift. 

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