We develop a customized treatment plan for you to manage your headaches.

We ask that at this appointmnet you bring medical records, especially any diagnostic testing you've had, and a list of the medications you have or are taking.

Expect to fill out a detailed medical history which you will review with your doctor. After reviewing your medical history and discussing treatment options, you will determine a treatment plan with your doctor. 

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We are in network with most major insurances and many HMOs. You can check our network status with your insurance company. 

We are happy to provide an estimate of benefits to you so you know what to expect in terms of your financial responsibility. 

About 12 years ago, plastic surgeons began to observe that patients who had Botox injections for cosmetic purposes and patients who underwent brow lift surgery were reporting a significant reduction of their migraine headaches. The patients who received Botox injections noticed that around the time that the Botox wore off, their headaches would return. Patients who had eyebrow lift surgeryindicated that their headaches ceased and some patients' even said their headaches were eliminated completely.

Botox results in temporary weakening of the muscles that compress or impinge on nerves in the areas that may trigger migraines. Dr. Weinzweig will use small injections in low doses into the muscle area that has been identified as the patient's specific migraine trigger zone. This can be in either the frontal, temporal or occipital areas. The Botox will block the release of the chemical that causes these muscles to contract and will allow it to relax, taking the pressure off any irritated nerves. This will raise the migraine patient's threshold for developing another attack as well as make the patient more resistant to triggering factors in the future.

Botox is FDA approved for the treatment of migraine headaches and is a safe and effective treatment in experienced hands. It has been used for over 25 years and Botox Cosmetic has also been shown to be effective for treatment of migraine headaches, excessive underarm sweating, certain muscular spasm disorder, in addition for cosmetic purposes.

Botox injection for migraines is a quick and minimally invasive procedure consisting of a few tiny injections. Dr. Weinzweig will use your medical records, migraine headache diary and physical exam to determine your particular migraine trigger zone. The frontal and temporal areas are cooled with an ice pack prior to the procedure to help reduce any discomfort so no anesthesia is needed. In rare cases, if the patient is highly sensitive, our physician may choose to numb the area with an anesthetic cream before. A combination of Botox, local anesthetic and steroid injections may be used in patients with occipital zone migraines. The actual Botox injection treatment lasts just one to three minutes depending on the number of areas being treated. There is no downtime afterward and discomfort is minimal and brief. Many patients return to work the same day. You should not rub the area that has been injected for 72 hours.

We believe board certified Plastic Surgeons who have had additional training on the use of Botox for migraines and are the ideal medical professionals to treat patients with Botox. Plastic Surgeons have the most extensive knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of all the facial muscles involved in facial expression and therefore are the most qualified to perform Botox injections. In addition, board certified plastic surgeons have been awarded the highest qualifications by the American Board of Plastic Surgery through extensive evaluations and residency requirements. Dr. Weinzweig is a board certified Plastic Surgeon who has had detailed training in facial anatomy with extensive experience with Botox for migraine patients

Because Botox temporarily inhibits muscle contraction, usually for about three months, it can be used as a "trial test" to see if a patient's migraine headaches go away or become less intense following a Botox injection. Botox is used as a diagnostic test to determine what trigger point(s) is causing your migraine. It also can determine if you will benefit from a more permanent surgical solution. Botox is used to pinpoint which of exact muscles in the forehead, back of the head or temple areas may be serving as "trigger points" to compress, irritate or entrap nerves that could be causing the migraine. If a Botox treatment is successful in preventing migraines or lessening their severity, then surgery to remove the triggering muscle is likely to achieve the same result, possibly permanently.

Bring any diagnostic testing you have had in the last year including any MRIs, blood tests, or CAT scans. Bring an accurate and complete list of any medications, supplements, or herbs that you have been taking. If possible, bring all medications with you to your appointment.

Headache Response Center provides a full spectrum of treatment options for our patients. From physical therapy to surgical intervention, we use an integrated approach towards headache pain management. By using a range of diverse treatment types including pharmacological management, nerve blocks, and surgery, along with physical therapy, biofeedback, and neuromodulation, we provide effective solutions to headaches that provide lasting relief.

Headache Response Center

Headache Response Center is a medical headache clinic that offers the most comprehensive treatment options available today to provide immediate and long-lasting relief from migraines and other primary headache disorders. Our goal is to relieve you of your headache pain so you can enjoy daily life once again.  We provide a full-range of personalized headache treatments that are tailored to your specific needs.  These include drug therapy, occipital nerve blocks, physical therapy and biofeedback.  In addition, The Headache Response Center is a leader in the administering of Botox to treat severe migraines, and we are proud to be the only comprehensive treatment center in Illinois to offer patients the SPG Block and Surgical Intervention, which can provide immediate and long-lasting headache relief

Plastic Surgery & Headaches? 

Yes. Actually our Medical Director, Jeffrey Weinzweig, has a subspecialty in craniofacial surgery and the headache clinic is his current research and clinical interest. Many of the advances in headaches have originated from the field of plastic surgery in the last 10 years. Botox was discovered to treat headaches when a plastic surgeon noticed that along with cosmetic results patients were reporting that their headaches were elivated. From that discovery, it led to the use of surgical intevention through nerve releases started as a means to treat headaches. 

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