There are so many different types of hand surgery. It is impossible to list the steps. However, during your consultation you will meet with your surgeon and the exact steps required to correct the issue with your hands. 

Financial Information

We are in network with most major insurances and many HMOs. We accept Worker's Compensation Insurance. You can check our network status with your insurance company. 

We are happy to provide an estimate of benefits to you so you know what to expect in terms of your financial responsibility. 

Hand Surgery

At JW Plastic Surgery, our reconstructive surgeons are involved in the management of hand related issues. In a non-acute setting, where trauma or infection makes conservative management a safe option, the use of medications, splints, and therapy may be tried before your hand surgeon suggests surgery. Many of our patients present with a tramatic injury where surgery is indicated and required.

We are on staff and trauma call for hand at 10 hospitals. While we enjoy elective hand surgery, most of our reconstructive hand work is focused on complex mutlating hand injuries. 

Plastic Surgeons do hand surgery? Am I in the Right place? 

YES! Hand surgery has always had the subspecialty of plastic surgery. The field of hand surgery emerged as a speciality after World War II. Both Orthopedic and Plastic Surgeons have the option of training in hand after general surgery training. After residency, a surgeon elects to do a hand fellowship in order to focus on the subspeciality. If you think of your hand, it involves tendons, nerves, bones, and soft tissue.  Plastic surgeons have core training in microsurgery, nerves, tendons, and soft tissue. While we like to consider our practice as "special", our involvement in hand surgery is actually quiet normal in our field. 

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