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Step 1. Anesthesia

Medications are administered for your comfort during the surgical procedure. The type of anesthesia used will be determined collaboratively with you and your doctors.

Step 2. The Incision

The most common method of completing a breast lift procedure involves the use of three incisions- one around the areola, another vertical incision from the bottom edge of the areola to the crease underneath the breast, and finally a horizontal incision beneath the breast that follows the natural curve of the breast. There are other techniques that require a variation of these incisions. The incision beneath the breast in the inframammary fold can be minimized depending on the degree of skin excess that needs to be corrected. Sometimes there is no need for that incision at all.

Step 3. Removal Excess Skin and Redraping

Excess breast skin is removed and the nipple and areola are moved to a higher, more desirable position. The areola may be reduced in size if it has been stretched or is undesirably large. The skin that was located above the nipple before moving the nipple higher is brought down and together to form the new breast shape. To allow for preservation of sensation and the ability to breastfeed, the nipples and areolas remain attached to underlying tissue.

Step 4. Close the Incision - See the Results

Once the breasts are the desired shape, the incisions are stitched closed. In general, it typically takes six months for breasts to settle into their final position. Results are apparent immediately after surgery but swelling will occur and take time to subside.

Procedure Pricing

An average monthly payment for a breast augmentation is $150 a month with a $1500 surgical reservation fee.  

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A breast augmentation procedure can start from $5500 to $8500, depending on the complexity of the procedure. We offer price matches in the regions in which we operate (Florida Keys and Chicagoland) so you can rest assured that you have the best pricing possible. 

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A good candidate for a breast lift surgery is a person who is seeking lift their breast to restore volume or shape. Good health and reasonable expectations are important for any cosmetic surgery procedure.

The length of time the procedure takes varies depending on the technique used. Generally a breast lift can take anywhere from 2-3 hours to complete.

Recovery from breast lift surgery is generally no more than 3-5 days. The nature of your job and lifestyle is taken into account when estimating recovery time. Expect to have discussions in your consultation about when you can begin work again, start exercising, and re-start other life activities.

A common procedure that is done the same time as a lift is breast augmentation. Breast implants are often used in conjunction with a lift procedure in cases where additional volume is desired.

Not having surgery is an alternative to any cosmetic procedure. Other than breast augmentation, there are no meaningful alternatives to breast lift surgery to correct the issues of breast sag and loss of volume. Some patients who do not want incisions opt for breast augmentation with a limited lift.

Breast lift surgery does produce permanent results. No surgery is ever permanent because, even though we do amazing things here at JW, we have yet to discover a way to stop the long term results of gravity. Apart from that, your results will be permanent and long lasting.


Time, age, and weight loss are hard on your body and these factors can affect the appearance of your breasts making them appear lower, less firm, deflated, and flatter. The desire to restore lost volume or to reclaim your “before baby” breasts is a common goal.

Breast lift surgery can restore a youthful look to breasts by removing excess tissue and repositioning the breast and/or nipple to the correct position.


You can rest assured that when you select the JW Plastic Surgery team, you have selected a practice that has completed over a thousand breast procedures in the last 15 years.


Breast augmentation and breast lift surgeries both have the similar goal of restoring the breasts to a more desirable shape, size, and appearance. Breast lifts focus on restoring breasts to a more desirable shape and position. Breast augmentation focuses on changing breasts to a more desirable size. Many times breast lift surgery is combined with breast augmentation surgery. In addition, movement of the nipple during breast lift surgery can be an option for patients who want to minimize incisions but still want the appearance of properly placed nipples.


Breast lift surgery is surgery used to correct the appearance of sagging breasts. When breasts are properly positioned, the nipple and breast tissue sit above the crease of the breast. Ptosis (breast sag) describes a low breast position and is what a breast lift seeks to correct. Plastic surgeons have come up with a rating system to describe the extent of ptosis present. The extent of ptosis determines surgical options available to you and guides the process required to meet your cosmetic goals. 


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