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Step 1. Anesthesia

Anesthesia is administered for your comfort by one of our Board-certified anesthesiologists.

Step 2. Incision and Fat Removal 

Small incisions, on average less than a quarter of an inch, are made along the treated area, a wand-like instrument (cannula) is inserted, and anesthetic is then administered to the area. Undesired fat is removed from the area. The fat is saved for processing and transfer to the receiver site. 

Step 3. Fat Processing and Transferred  

Fat removed via liposuction is processed and then transferred to your breast using a number of injections. 

Step 4. The Results

After the procedure your recovery period begins. Results are visible immediately after surgery but typically it takes 3-6 months for the final outcome to visible.

Procedure Pricing 

An average monthly payment for a breast augmentation with fat injections is $199 a month with a $1500 surgical reservation fee.  

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A breast augmentation (fat injections) procedure can start from $6000 to $8000, depending the volume increase required and complexity. 

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You may be good candidate for breast augmentation surgery if you are looking to increase the size of your breasts or to replace lost breast volume. Patients who select breast augmentation with fat injections often have a reason that they do not want to use breast implants. You must have enough fat for harvesting in order to be a good canidate for this procedure. Breast implant candidates must be in generally good health and have realistic expectations. 

Breast augmentation surgery takes only 1.5 to 2 hours. However, we ask that patients plan to spend a half-day at the surgical center as the check in and discharge/recovery process add an hour to the beginning and end of the procedure.

Recovery from breast augmentation for most patients is short and easy. Many patients are able to have breast augmentation surgery on a Thursday and return to work on Monday as long as lifting overhead is not a part their job function. Expect to spend at least 2-3 days at home recovering after surgery. Your breasts will be sore and your chest will become a bit tight initially but this will resolve as you heal.

Breast Augmentation (Fat Injections) is often combined with additional liposuction beyond the liposuction required for harvesting the fat. 

There are several creams and pills on the market that claim to increase breast size but these are not effective and there is no evidence these work. Breast implants are an alternative option and is the most common method of breast augmentation currently. 

JW Plastic Surgery offers patients 10 hospitals and 5 surgical centers to select from when booking their surgery. In some cases, your personal health history will mean that we will recommend a specific health setting that will best meet your needs. Most cosmetic patients decide to have surgery at JW Operatory, our Joint Commission-accredited facility, due to price and availability.

The results from this procedure are permenant however it is important for patients to understand that not all the fat cells reinjected to the breast live so the final size of the increase is apparent after 6 weeks. Some patients may need multiple sessions of fat injections to achieve their desired size but most patients are pleased after one procedure. In order to maximize your results, patients should maintain their weight after the procedure.


Throw out those padded bras! Breast augmentations surgery results increase the size of breasts resulting in an enhanced feminine profile. With a proportionate body type, you will look and feel good in clothing.


Breast surgery is one of the most personal decisions a woman can make. At JW Plastic Surgery, our goal is to educate you about breast augmentation surgery types so you can make an informed decision that best meets your personal goals.


Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States. The results of breast augmentation are immediately realized making this surgery one that provides instant “in-skin” gratification. A quick one-hour procedure, breast augmentation surgery is a much simpler procedure than many of our patients realize.


Which procedure is better? It depends on your needs and personal preferences. Breast implants are the most common way of breast augmentation. Breast augmentation with fat tranfer is another method used for patients that prefer not to have implant in their body. Both procedures have their benefits and drawbacks and the decision between the two procedures is best discussed during an in person consultation. 


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