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Step 1- Sedation

Patients are sedated with the least amount of sedation required to ensure that the experience is a safe, comfortable, and enables JW Plastic Surgery to maximize results.

Step 2- Incision

An incision is made along the underside of the arm to minimize visible scarring.

Step 4- Redrape and Remove Extra Skin

The skin on your arm will redraped smoothly to create a slim surface contour. Extra skin will be removed and the skin redraped. 

Step 5- See the Results

Arm lift results are apparent immediately as you will notice a slimmer arm profile. Final results will be seen once post-operative swelling subsides.

Procedure Pricing 

An average monthly payment for arm lift is $150 a month with a $1000 surgical reservation fee.  

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Arm lift procedures range from $4000-$7000 depending on the complexity of the procedure. We offer price matches in the regions in which we operate (Florida Keys and Chicagoland) so you can rest assured that you have the best pricing possible. 



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  • Receive an $1000 discount if surgery is a result of a weight loss of over 50 pounds. 

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During arm lift surgery, anesthesia is administered for your comfort then an incision is made in the arm. The type and location of the incision will vary depending on the location of the excess skin and your preference. Extra skin and fatty tissue are removed, the skin is re-draped into a desirable contour, and the incision is closed.

You may be a good candidate for arm lift surgery if you have excess skin under your arms resulting from weight loss or aging. Arm lift patients should be at a stable weight. Good health and reasonable expectations are important for any cosmetic surgery procedure.

Depending on the amount of skin removal an arm lift take approximately 2-3 hours.

You should expect some soreness in the area of the surgery post-surgery. You will wake with arm compression garments on your arm. These garments will remain on your arm for 6 weeks in order to maintain the desirable contour and to help with the healing process.

Breast augmentation, additional liposuction, and a tummy tuck are commonly combined with an arm lift.

There is no other technology that will produce the same results as an arm lift. If the problem is not loose skin, then in some cases liposuction can be done. If you have a limited amount of loose skin, you may consider a scarless arm lift which does not require an incision. 

JW Plastic Surgery offers patients 10 hospitals and 5 surgical centers to select from when booking their surgery. In some cases, your personal health history will mean that we will recommend a specific health setting that will best meet your needs. Most cosmetic patients decide to have surgery at JW Operatory, our Joint Commission-accredited facility, due to price and availability.

Arm lift surgery produces permanent results as the excess skin causing the undesirable contour is removed.


Arm lift allows you to love your arms again by removing excess skin that leads to a “winged” appearance. Excess skin on the arms can result from weight fluctuation or may simply occur over time with age.

By removing excess skin that causes disproportionate arms, an arm lift can reduce shirt size as well as result in arms with a more desirable shape. An arm lift differs from arm liposuction because arm liposuction simply removes the fat pockets, not the excess skin.


Advanced body contouring procedures are generally undertaken after a long journey of weight loss. To celebrate your success, JW offers all patients who have lost 50 pounds or more, $1000 off any body contouring procedure. It’s our way of saying thank you for including JW on your journey to a new, healthier you.


Arm, body, butt, and thigh lifts are advanced body contouring procedures that are combined after weight loss to improve body contour. For advanced body contouring procedures, experience and expertise matter most. Among some of the most difficult plastic surgery procedures, body contouring requires an artistic eye as well as serious reconstructive plastic surgery experience. The procedures require not only removing skin but redraping and reshaping, which will make all the difference.

JW Plastic Surgery views advanced body contouring as fundamentally reconstructive in nature because the goal is to restore the normal appearance of the body after weight loss — a realistic and reasonable goal. As with many reconstructive procedures, undertaking advanced body contouring is a process where the surgeon and the patient agree to work together to restore form and function which usually involves a series of procedures on different areas of the body. JW Plastic Surgery is a referral center for many post-bariatric patients.

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