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Step 1. Anesthesia

You will be prescribed medication for your comfort during the procedure. Dr. Weinzweig along with your anesthesiologist will decide the best choice given your physical health and cosmetic goals.

Step 2. Incision

The incision is placed inside the mouth, on the inner surface of the lower lip, so there is no external incision.

Step 3. Implant or Bony Repositioning

A silicone implant is sometimes used but repositioning a segment of the chin bone is the most effective way to modify its projection and appearance. This is done by actually cutting the bone and securing it with a small titanium plate that is neither seen nor felt following surgery.

Step 4. Close the Incisions

The surgeon will close the incision. When fully healed, the incision is essentially invisible and unable to be felt on the inner surface of the lower lip.

Step 5. The Results

Once the swelling and bruising subside, the visible improvements of your chin surgery will appear.

Pricing Options for Chin Surgery

An average monthly payment for a chin surgery is $250 a month with a $1500 surgical reservation fee.  

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A facelift procedure starts between $6500 for a simple to $9500 for a complex chin surgery. The most common price for a medium complexity chin is $8500.

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You may be a good candidate for chin surgery if you are seeking to change size, shape, or projection of your chin. Being in generally good health and having reasonable expectations is important for any cosmetic surgery procedure.

Chin surgery takes 1 to 2 hours.

After the procedure, a bandage will be applied to the face around the chin area. Some discomfort and bruising can be expected but can be relieved with medications. JW Plastic Surgery will provide you with specific aftercare instructions.

Rhinoplasty is often done in conjunction with chin surgery to restore balance to the mid and lower portions of the face. These surgeries are often combined because the alignment of the two structures in size and position are most directly related to facial feature harmony.

Not having any procedure is always an option for patients. There are no other medical non-surgical procedures that accomplish the goals of chin surgery.

You have a range of surgical facilities to select from when booking with JW Plastic Surgery. We have over 10 hospital and 5 outpatient centers for you to select from. In some cases, your medical history will determine the most appropriate health setting for your procedure.

Most patients in the Midwest select to have their procedure at JW Operatory, our Joint Commission accredited facility on the North Shore, due to the lower price and higher availability of the facility.

Patients in Florida most often select our hospital facility in the Lower Keys for pricing and availability reasons.


Chin surgery is a surgical procedure that can change the shape or size of the chin by either an implant or modification of the bone. Chin augmentation is performed either with a silicone implant or by moving a segment of the chin bone (also known as osseous genioplasty or sliding genioplasty) to improve the appearance of a small chin. Chin reduction surgery, another type of osseous genioplasty, aims at correcting a protruding chin by removing excess bone. Chin surgery usually gives the face more balance and symmetry.


Plastic surgery on the face requires years of surgical experience and judgement honed most appropriately through a plastic surgery training program. JW Plastic Surgery chin surgeons are craniofacial trained plastic surgeons meaning that they have specific expertise in modifications of the craniofacial skeleton. Because of this, we are able to offer a broader variety of cosmetic craniofacial surgeries than most other cosmetic surgery practices.


There are a couple ways to augment the chin. One approach is to use a chin implant. Silicone implants are the most popular type of implant for chin surgery. This solid silicone implant cannot rupture or leak into the body. It provides a very natural looking shape and feel. However, a more effective method of chin augmentation is the sliding genioplasty procedure in which the chin bone is cut and the bony segment is advanced and then secured with a small titanium plate that can neither be seen nor felt following surgery. This allows the surgeon better control of the actual projection of the chin without the need for an implant.

Chin fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane, can be used to augment the chin. However, these filers are only temporary and usually last only a several months. If you like the results from the fillers you may want to consider having chin surgery to achieve a permanent result.

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