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Finding the best plastic surgeon Chicago these days could be a huge concern for many, especially in a society that places so much emphasis on youth, beauty, health and fitness. Any negative sentiment about the way one looks can have a deep and lasting impact on his or her self-confidence and every successful attempt to correct such can dramatically improve a person's perception and quality of life. Dr. Jeffrey Weinzweig is a Chicago cosmetic plastic surgeon who specializes in both surgical and non-surgical plastic surgery procedures. All surgical procedures are performed by Dr. Weinzweig, who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Weinzweig is a Illinois cosmetic surgeon that is the member of many prestigious plastic surgery societies. All Before & After Photos represent actual patients of Dr Weinzweig's. Unless otherwise stated, models were used on this website.

While not necessarily essential to physical health, cosmetic plastic surgery undoubtedly makes a significant contribution to a person's self-esteem and overall well being. A plastic surgeon Chicago offers a wide range of solutions for anyone with dissatisfaction over a particular body feature. Procedures such as body lift, implants, liposuction, abdominoplasty, and breast augmentation Chicago can considerably improve the appearance of distinct body features and boost one's confidence and self-image as a result.


The majority of people have at least one part of their body they're not too happy about. You may have more curves than you would have liked and no matter how much you work out, disproportionate fat deposits just find their way to certain parts of your body. Unsightly fat typically settles on the tummy, hips, thighs and buttocks in women while men are more prone to excess adipose tissue deposits on their flanks and belly.

Stubborn fat deposits which result to disproportionate bulges and curves can be removed and corrected by a minimally invasive surgical procedure known as liposuction. Also referred to as liposculpture, liposuction Chicago is probably the most preferred and commonly performed cosmetic procedure to address excess body fat. Troublesome areas can be brought back in line with the rest of your body to create better shape and balance. When done correctly, liposuction Chicago is one of the safest options you can take to remove unsightly fat deposits and greatly improve your overall body contour.

Tummy Tuck

Everyone wants a flat, firm and even tummy but only a very few get it. Some people may argue that exercise is all you will need; however loose fat, weak muscles and excess skin are a problem for many especially after dramatic weight loss or multiple pregnancies. And while liposuction may be enough for others, older patients will usually require an abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck Chicago.

For instance, repeated stretching due to pregnancy can take a tremendous toll on a woman's abdomen making it loose, out of shape and extremely disproportionate to the rest of her body. When loose skin or muscles in this area cannot be sufficiently firmed up by liposuction alone, the best plastic surgeon Chicago will recommend an abdominoplasty procedure to tighten up underlying muscles and remove excess skin.

An abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck Chicago is a classic surgical procedure aimed at tightening loose or weak muscles and removing excess skin and fat around the abdomen. In most cases, a liposuction Chicago may be used as a first step to remove the extra fat, after which the abdominal wall is repaired by tightening up the muscles involved. Healthy skin is then stretched down over the area and any excess is stripped off. The result is a tighter, firmer and flatter stomach and a thinner waistline at the same time.

Tummy tuck Chicago procedures are best performed on individuals with normal weight levels but have slack muscles and loose skin in the abdomen. A reputable plastic surgeon Chicago should be able to determine whether a liposuction or a tummy tuck is recommended in your case.

Breast Augmentation

Next to liposuction and abdominoplasty, breast augmentation Chicago is the most sought-after cosmetic plastic surgery procedure among young and middle-age women. The reasons for wanting a breast enlargement using breast implants Chicago can vary – some consider undergoing the procedure after loss of breast volume and sagging after pregnancy while others choose breast augmentation Chicago solutions simply because they're not happy about the size or shape of their breasts to begin with. Breast implants Chicago are also often recommended for women who suffer from hypoplasia (small or underdeveloped breasts).